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What is your desire - first exercise.

Desire from Latin desiderare "long for, wish for; demand, expect," the original sense perhaps being "await what the stars will bring,"

from the phrase de sidere "from the stars," from sidus (genitive sideris) "heavenly body, star, constellation" 

OF the Father


The Soul Remembrance Process

Remember who you are at your core, that's the foundation for your wealth, and wellbeing.

The Soul Remembrance process allows you to shift the energy imprint that is stamped across various areas of your life where you are at a loss of power.

When you shift the energy at The Soul Root Reason, as I refer to it, energy that has been draining you, such as the emotional charge of a past experience now become a source of power and wisdom based off your life lessons.

The Empathy Map Process

Based on the the archetypal tool of the Hero's Journey that is universal to the human experience, The Empathy Map Process will allow you to recall key aspects of your life that might be excluded from your work.

Your expertise does not come from your certifications and formal training as much as they come from your lived through experience which then can become a source of power in your teaching.

Your life journey plays a key role in very specific wisdom and teaching only you are here to share. 

This process will also highlight for you how you can relate to your ideal clients, they like you will be experiencing a similar journey, and who else is best equipped to guide them than the one who can relate?

From this process, you will extract essential approaches to your work that are currently missing and that have the potential to greatly elevate your work and the transformations your clients experience.

Astro Mapping Your Business

Get ready for a fun ride into the cosmos to uncover the treasure map that is literally encoded in your personal cosmological makeup.

Astrology is a master key code of information that guides us to understanding the workings of the Universe, ourselves and certainly our life purpose and how to best fulfill it.

In this Astro Mapping session you will begin to understand WHO you are here to serve as it was written in the stars.

You might get tempted to skip on to this module and lesson, but all in Divine order and timing, my love. 

You have, up to this point, been exploring the true "WHAT" of what you do with your work.

You may have thought to be clear but if you're here desiring MORE then believe me I KNOW there is more to what you do then you previously thought.

Now it's time to get even more clear on the WHO.

Your Powerful Prosperity Aligned "I help" statement

At this point in the training you are now beginning to see the potential for the mission you are really on. It's BIG !

Your "I help" statement becomes a powerful prosperity aligned message.

Now I know that you might be feeling like "I want to help everyone"

But trust me when I tell you when you aim for everyone you end up reaching no one.

If you are here to play a BIG game with your work, then focus, because there will be plenty of people who fit exactly WHO you are here to guide , remember it was written in the stars.

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