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Psychology of Prosperity Training

Disclaimer: Please do NOT request this training if you do not plan to finish it. This is ONLY for those committed to decode, and apply their unique psychology of prosperity to create lasting wealth based on spiritual principles.

This is literally over thousands of dollars worth and decades of acquiring this golden information, complied and compressed into a concise, powerful, and effective video training that you can start and complete in about a week.

Tried, tested and true knowledge guaranteed to give you the transformation that teaches you how to altar your prosperity set point forever.

This Psychology of Prosperity Training is NOT for everyone.

This is for you IF:

  • You take responsibilities for your results
  • You understand you are the source of your power
  • You are not looking for a "get rich quick' fix
  • You are in for the long game of success
  • You desire to make money with meaning VS empty riches
  • You know you have a big mission to fulfill
  • You are willing to set aside past stories of "failure"
  • You understand you create your reality
  • You are ready to feel deep satisfaction about your financial results with your work
  • You are ready to create a sense of deep safety that will allow you to create and hold wealth 

This training is a collection of over 30 years of my personal and professional experience that has created massive transformations, and breakthroughs in my clients' lives, and businesses as well as my own.

5D Business Oracle Membership Club

Have fun establishing a solid foundation as a 5D Business Owner!

Get the community, the resources, and the expert guidance you need to attract your most, ideal clients as a Trailblazing Spiritual Entrepreneur while enjoying the process with ease and support.

Build a one-of-a-kind brand for your spiritual, holistic, or conscious business, successfully, and learn how to do business, YOUR way while creating shifts in the collective consciousness with your unique wisdom.

The 5D Business Oracle Membership Club  includes:

  • Monthly LIVE ASTRO INTUITIVE BUSINESS COACHING CALLS with Monica Maria with hot seat coaching to receive answers for your business
  • A community of like-minded healers, coaches, guides, facilitators, creatives, teachers, and New Earth leaders to support you
  • A Better than Netflix library of rituals, energy activations, and esoteric knowledge resources, you can access when you desire.
  • Plus 15% member savings for ALL new masterclasses, and special offerings 

Freedom Frequency Foundational Training for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Imagine turning your most painful, and challenging life experiences into a business that also becomes your greatest contribution to humanity?

It's time to heal and use your life experience as powerful wisdom to design a unique body of work that will attract a community of clients who value and invest in your wisdom.

When you calibrate to your unique frequency of wellbeing, purpose, self-expression, meaningful service, and prosperity, you also become FREE to be an innovative leader in the world. I call this your Freedom Frequency.

Perfect for you if you're a new coach, healer, teacher, or in transition needing to integrate personal changes so you can evolve your work.

5 modules, 20 lessons + the option to add 1 on 1 support.

Money and Meaning (The Spiritual Entrepreneur's Healing Journey Class Series)

What is the SOUL ROOT REASON for the prosperity you experience in your life and business?

If you are aware of your soul's mission and feel dissatisfaction with the prosperity you experience with your vocation and across your life ...

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself "what is really at the heart of this experience?"

Inside of Money and Meaning, you will be guided to:

  • Raise your awareness of the repeated patterns that are causing dissatisfaction and frustration in the area of prosperity and begin to unravel them.
  • Start to shift your relationship to abundance in all its forms and the true value that you bring to the world through your unique gifts, talents, skills, and life experience.
  • Learn how to evolve your perspective of prosperity forever

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