Freedom Frequency Foundational Training for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

This foundational training will guide you on a profound healing journey in becoming FREE and CLEAR to express yourself as you design (or redesign) an offering out of the wisdom you extract from your biggest life lessons.

Experience the Soul Remembrance Process ™, a powerful regression process I developed combining hypnosis, breathwork, visualization, and energy work, that will help you reclaim lost aspects of yourself so you can fully own and value who you are.

This process will assist you to liberate yourself from the past and integrate your life journey into unique wisdom that is a natural expression of who you are and greatly valued by a community you learn to lead and guide.

  • Define the main pillars of your work that are a true expression of your personal values
  • Develop a new or updated proprietary system or methodology that is birthed from your life experience and mastery
  • Design one unique offer that you will invite student-clients into to learn from you, and will help you be known for your expertise
  • Attract an aligned community of ideal student-clients that see you for who you are, and want to be guided by you
  • Build a solid foundation as a New Earth teacher and leader, that guides sacred communities who will change the world with you


Learn to fearlessly show up as who you truly are, with defined clarity about your purpose, message, and mission while building a community that supports your success, over 5 modules, and 20 digestible lessons that you can easily watch and implement with accompanying handouts.

Transform the way you "do business" forever by learning how to integrate your deepest life wisdom into your offerings and your leadership.


Receive the option to have personal laser-focused coaching and mentoring with Monica Maria, so that you know exactly what to do and when with expert mentoring, and intuitive guidance.


Receive lifetime access to updated versions of the program at no additional cost.

5 Modules

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